How To Find Your Target Audience

 How To Find Your Target Audience 

Before reading the article, you must answer the question.

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Before starting the content, you must know your audience. If you can get to know your audience, you will succeed

Good content marketing takes time. Lots of it. You cannot waste this time with content that is not fully focused on your target market. You have to find who your people are. but how?

This is exactly what this post will cover.

By the time you finish reading, you will understand:

How to define your target audience and understand your target market to create a clear picture of who you are (and what you are not) writing for.

Choose tips, tactics, and strategies for collecting audience data.

Use your improved knowledge of your audience to create content that relates to their needs and interests.

Be sure to download our free audience survey and audience personality templates. These items will help you apply the knowledge you will gain in this post.

What is the gain when you define your audience?

It is true that great content tends to attract an audience naturally. However, it does not guarantee that it will be the best audience for your brand. This means visitors who are likely to:

Connect your content to your product.

Buy your product because of your content.

Determining who your real audience is will help you focus not only on creating great content but also on creating the right content. It makes it easier to create content that establishes you as an authority in your field, rather than creating content for its own good.

How do you understand your target market?

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions. It can include:

1- What problems does my company's product or service solve?

2- Who are our current clients?

3- Who is my competitor?

4- What can customers get from choosing us (instead of the competitor)?

Create your target audience definition 

Before creating content, know your target audience. The definition of the audience should ideally relate these three things:

Your product or service

Demographics of your main audience

Your content mission

Here's what a simple audience definition could look like once you've analyzed your audience:

“[INSERT YOUR BRAND] creates content to help and inform [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC] so they can do [INSERT ACTION] better.”

Find the core of your content

The purpose of the content is to know what you can do.

One of the big mistakes early-stage content marketers make is talking about themselves and their products, rather than talking about the things their users really care about. This is a huge misunderstanding 

6 tactics to find your target audience

1. Create reader characters

In an early planning meeting, we came up with a few Lean UX user personas that are designed to help us solve problems that CoSchedule users really need to solve.

This was done as a group exercise and was very helpful in our process. Looking back, we haven't always been right about what our users care about, but it's been a solid place to build from.

2.  use surveys

 conduct user surveys about our product on a regular basis.

Each person who creates a CoSchedule account will be required to participate in the survey. This has been a great tool to help us keep a constant pulse on what our users are thinking. From this, we can translate these comments into a deeper understanding of our target audience.

A survey is only as good as much as you benefit from it:

3- Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a lot of data about your audience if you know how to find it.

4. Find your target audience on social media

Facebook provides every Page owner with a powerful set of insights (analytics) that you can use for free anytime you want. You can quickly identify the demographics of your most active users and identify what they have in common.

5. Find your target audience on Twitter by connecting to the Twitter Followers Dashboard

Twitter also provides an excellent follower dashboard that you can access if you sign up for a Twitter Ads account.

This dashboard does an excellent job of telling you what your followers are interested in - specifically listing trending topics and other Twitter accounts your followers are subscribed to. This is powerful information that goes beyond basic demographic details.

6. Conduct an annual public survey every year

This is a very proactive way to understand your target audience. It is a good thing, in fact, that we take a similar approach in our annual business

When you apply these points, you will be able to find your target audience

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